Grace Jones Hurricane Tour, Sydney

Having missed Grace’s last tour in Sydney I was very much looking forward to photographing this Jamacian-American diva at the Enmore Theatre last night. I wasn’t the only one, spotted was Deni Hines ticket in hand and a smile on her dial.

As per usual these days, it was 3 songs + no flash which would have been fine if Grace did not spend the entire first song and part of the second track draped under a silver glimmering sheet:

I was reminded of an interview I saw of her with Letterman where she insisted to hide under a mask for a good few minutes. Bless her eccentricity but we didn’t come to photograph a silver cloak. I was beginning to worry.

Alas like the wind, the flamboyant style legend bursted out to meet her eager fans dressed in a zebra catsuit by Oscar-winning costume designer Eiko Ishioka.

Jones’ mere presence was jaw-dropping, and as the night proceeded and she moved through her repertoire with complementing costumes. For her take on Roxy Music’s “Love Is the Drug,” she came out as a sparkly bubble woman with a mirror-ball bowler hat that reflected onto the Enmore audience a million points of shimmering green light. She was an S&M devil for “Devil in My Life” and “Demolition Man.” Indeed in the words of Grace, ‘It’s a fashion extravaganza, this show, it’s very art-directed, and is… all about the costumes, the staging, the lights – it’s fabulous”.

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