6 Years On… Australia Says Yes

Sian Luci-1.jpg

On this month, 6 years ago, I shot the wedding of Sian McGreal from the Royal Australian Navy and Luci Ellis, Assistant Governor at The Reserve Bank at Sydney’s HMAS Penguin Navy base. Despite the legal aspect of their vows not being binding, they chose to declare their love for each other in the witness of their Reverend, friends and family members. Happy 6th year anniversary ❤ #lovewins #marriageequality #samesexwedding #australiasaidyes #loveislove #gayweddingphotographer #samesexweddingphotographer #tbt

Photography by Josephine Ki

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Masked Explorers of Hong Kong

Revisiting some portrait shots I took for the team at Hong Kong Urbex , a group of urban explorers and storytellers based in Hong Kong with a passion to traverse abandoned and neglected buildings in the fast paced and ever changing pulse of Asia. In doing so, they uncover an interesting slice of history that shapes this modern day city. Group members have varying background in journalism, media and production.

Their adventures have sparked interests from the likes of New York Times , CNN , and BBC Travel.

20160720 HK Urbex-51

Here, Ghost explores what remains of a kitchen in a building that is up for redevelopment in one of the city’s lowest social economic neighbourhoods Sham Shui Po where; just a few floors below, a double murder had taken place some months prior.

20160720 HK Urbex-4620160720 HK Urbex-3420160720 HK Urbex-5020160720 HK Urbex-5420160720 HK Urbex-2720160720 HK Urbex-55

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Capturing Wisdom | Lifestyle Photography Sessions for the Australian Nursing Home Foundation

They are certainly not my usual type of models but it has been a heartwarming journey photographing the staff and residents at the various nursing homes and senior wellness centres for my client Australian Nursing Home Foundation Ltd (ANHF) to use as promotional material.

We travelled to 6 aged care facilities throughout metropolitan and suburban Sydney and bonded with the elderly first generation Chinese Australians through conversations and games in my mother tongue whilst shooting the campaign. It’s been an absolute pleasure and without a doubt a memorable week.

Australian Nursing Home Foundation-2Australian Nursing Home Foundation-4Australian Nursing Home Foundation-9Australian Nursing Home Foundation-3Australian Nursing Home Foundation-7Australian Nursing Home Foundation-1Australian Nursing Home Foundation-8Australian Nursing Home Foundation-6Australian Nursing Home Foundation-10Australian Nursing Home Foundation-11Australian Nursing Home Foundation-5

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Lick Your Screen | Food Photography

I am a professional commercial and editorial food product photographer with close to a decade of experience. I employ my studio lighting, composition and retouching expertise to create compelling food and beverage images for web and print.

I create mouth-watering photographs of food and beverages on location throughout Australia at my client’s venues as well as in my studio in Sydney. If you are a caterer, restaurant, small business, food manufacturer or food and beverage brand seeking stunning quality imagery, get in touch with me for a quote.

Client: Hello Thai Fine Dining, Chatswood Sydney


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In With The New Fundraiser for Stay

In With The New  19.8.2016 – a fundraiser hosted by Sydney DJ and music producer Jimmy New. Held at Valve Bar, Underground Hotel, the night featured live performances by established and rising lineup of hip hop, RnB rappers Mz Sammy G, Savillian, Xamaria, Ashy GeeSaif, and Mr Nat. 50% of the proceeds from the event were donated to Western Sydney youth service ‘STAY‘, a community group targeting youth suicide prevention helping raise much needed funds and resources to offer support for the next generation.


20160819 In With The New Fundraiser for Stay Youth-120160819 In With The New Fundraiser for Stay Youth-1020160819 In With The New Fundraiser for Stay Youth-220160819 In With The New Fundraiser for Stay Youth-420160819 In With The New Fundraiser for Stay Youth-2020160819 In With The New Fundraiser for Stay Youth-2720160819 In With The New Fundraiser for Stay Youth-28

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Pingala x Young Henrys Community Solar Launch + Investor Party

Pingala x Young Henry's-8Pingala x Young Henry's-26
Pingala x Young Henry's-2
Locals and potential investors were invited to participate at the Pingala Community Solar launch last Sunday 21st August. Thanks to City of Sydney‘s grant funding, Young Henrys Brewery will help community group Pingala purchase and install solar photovoltaic panels at its Newtown Brewery site.
Pingala x Young Henry's-15
Pingala x Young Henry's-13Pingala x Young Henry's-21

The installation of solar photovoltaic panels will generate enough electricity from the system to power the entire brewing process avoiding around 127 tonnes greenhouse gas emissions a year.The project will be the first for Pingala, part of a plan to start building community-owned solar farms on businesses and organisations across Sydney.
The Young Henrys solar PV system is expected to be up and running by the end of August.Photography by Josephine Ki Photography
Client Pingala

Pingala x Young Henry's-30Pingala x Young Henry's-39Pingala x Young Henry's-37Pingala x Young Henry's-40Pingala x Young Henry's-42Pingala x Young Henry's-43

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Nepal NGO Reportage: Accessible Education for Remote Regions

20160513 HELP School In A Bag Distribution-96

I’ve just returned from a 6 month trip to Nepal where I spent several months in this period documenting stills footage for local and international non profits organisations. Helambu Education & Livelihood Project (HELP Nepal) was one of the local NGO I assisted – their core involvement were to improve accessibility and attendance levels in education amongst children in the Earthquake affected region east of Kathmandu as well as provide livelihood for people in the area.

On this occasion, our mission was to distribute school supplies to primary school children in remote villages in the Sindulpalchok region. The three hour bumpy drive took us through gorgeous vistas of Kathmandu Valley and beyond. Winding our way up steep and narrow hillsides, I was awed by the beauty that beholds. Set high amidst the clouds with stunning backdrops of Trisuli River and the Himalayan mountain range, it was almost like a scene straight out of a fairytale. Almost.

HELP Nepal School In A Bag Distribution-520160513 HELP School In A Bag Distribution-20920160513 HELP School In A Bag Distribution-170HELP Nepal School In A Bag Distribution-120160513 HELP School In A Bag Distribution-16920160513 HELP School In A Bag Distribution-168

Here, as consequence of furious landslides the roads are dangerous, rugged and muddy. Destroyed homes lined the countrysides like brickwork cavities strewn with dusty piles of rubble and patched up with haphazard corrugated tin sheets of varying sizes suspended together by planks of rotting wood here and bamboo there.

HELP Nepal School In A Bag Distribution-4HELP Nepal School In A Bag Distribution-7HELP Nepal School In A Bag Distribution-2HELP Nepal School In A Bag Distribution-3HELP Nepal School In A Bag Distribution-620160523 Ghunsa - Mohan's House-1HELP Nepal School In A Bag Distribution-8

It has been over a year since the first devastating 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck Nepal, yet all around the nation, countrysides like Sindulpalchok – one of the hardest hit of the country’s 75 districts, are still dotted with shaky tarpaulin tents and small tin sheds that seem barely strong enough to withstand the monsoon rainstorms due this summer, let alone another tremor in this earthquake-prone region.

One Year On-2-2One Year On-10

Students of Shree Urleni Primary School and Shree Gyanodaya Primary School, Mahankal living in these temporary shelters in remote alpine villages walk up to 2 hours each way to the top of the mountain where they attend schools constructed with the assistance of HELP Nepal. On this day, we were there to distribute school supplies consisting of text books, writing materials and other educational supplies.

HELP Nepal School In A Bag Distribution-20HELP Nepal School In A Bag Distribution-2720160513 HELP School In A Bag Distribution-19820160513 HELP School In A Bag Distribution-20320160513 HELP School In A Bag Distribution-12720160513 HELP School In A Bag Distribution-15420160513 HELP School In A Bag Distribution-10320160513 HELP School In A Bag Distribution-125

For more images from our trip, check out my online NGO Reportage – Accessible Education for Remote Regions.

To donate to this worthy cause and know that your dollar is going to a local NGO based in Nepal, go to HELP Nepal.

Photography commissioned by HELP Nepal.



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Love in Kathmandu

Laska & Bikash

A sneakpeak from today’s couples photography session in Patan, Kathmandu with Canadian expat and digital nomad Laska and her man Bikash who designs websites.

The pair are one of the most easy going, spontaneous, fun and down to earth couple I have had the pleasure of photographing in Kathmandu so far. Not only did they waltz in the middle of a busy street amongst rickshaws and elephants (yes – we saw an elephant on the road, welcome to Asia!), they insisted on hijacking a fruit vendor’s stand and nearly adopted a dog.

There was little time during the 2 hours period where one of us were not laughing. The above image is a quiet moment taken towards the end of the couples photography session.

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InterNations Kathmandu Social

Kathmandu expats gathered at The Summit Hotel‘s boutique outdoor functions area for a monthly event organised by InterNations Kathmandu. Patrons enjoyed cocktails and canapes as well as rounds of Nepal Ice Nature courtesy of sponsor Chaudhary Group .

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Diamonds Are Forever

RK Jewellery – Diamond Collection

Venue: Hotel Yak and Yeti, Kathmandu – Nepal

Emeraldi-Diamonds Are Forever

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