Eat, Sleep, Paddle | Australian Dragon Boat Championships 2018

The Australian Dragon Boat Championships is Australia’s premier Dragon Boating event in which clubs from all states compete against one another for the title of National Champion over 5 consecutive days. AusChamps 2018 was held at Lake Kawana, Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

After competing in Day 2 and 3 in the all ages categories with my dragon boat club, I stuck around to photograph Day 4 and 5 of the competition where Club senior crew categories (age 40 and above) and some of the country’s most experienced paddlers battle alongside each other.

For a full gallery of images, drop by my FB Page.

AusChamps 2018-9AusChamps 2018-41AusChamps 2018-42AusChamps 2018-39AusChamps 2018-40AusChamps 2018-45AusChamps 2018-54AusChamps 2018-59AusChamps 2018-61AusChamps 2018-62AusChamps 2018-63AusChamps 2018-73AusChamps 2018-75AusChamps 2018-77AusChamps 2018-78AusChamps 2018-88AusChamps 2018-89AusChamps 2018-90AusChamps 2018-99AusChamps 2018-110AusChamps 2018-111AusChamps 2018-119

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Evolution | Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade 40th Anniversary

Earlier this month, an estimated 12,000 participants and more than 200,000 spectator celebrated the historic 40th anniversary of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. 40 years on from the 1978 protest which resulted in police violence and arrests creating a defining night in not only Sydney’s LGBTQI community but Australia’s cultural heritage.

This year’s theme Evolution paid tribute to the evolution of the festival, and to the sociological evolution of social justice for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex peoples.

Gallery commissioned by Different Strokes Dragon Boat @dsdbc – a Sydney based LGBTQI and Allies dragon boat club who mark their 10th year anniversary this year. The club seeks to promote equality and diversity within the sport of dragon boating.

For a full gallery of images from the event, feel free to drop by my Facebook Page .

Mardi Gras Parade-10Mardi Gras Parade-19Mardi Gras Parade-20Mardi Gras Parade-27Mardi Gras Parade-32Mardi Gras Parade-35Mardi Gras Parade-36Mardi Gras Parade-50Mardi Gras Parade-52Mardi Gras Parade-54Mardi Gras Parade-58Mardi Gras Parade-63Mardi Gras Parade-114Mardi Gras Parade-68Mardi Gras Parade-75Mardi Gras Parade-87Mardi Gras Parade-90Mardi Gras Parade-94Mardi Gras Parade-125

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Back to School | O Week Celebrations

This week I was commissioned by one of my favourite client Entropico to do some event photography work capturing the vibe of UNSW students partying up for O-Week. It was certainly different to the corporate crowd I’ve been accustomed to photographing and took me back to a time over a decade ago when, as a rookie, I spent a good few years specialising in shooting socials and nightlife.

Can’t wait to do it all again tonight!

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Cucina 105 | Food Photography

Salivating over last Thursday’s food photography session for Cucina 105. Ignoring the 5 second rule for leaving food on the floor I spent close to 2 hours photographing 20 odd dishes purposely styled on the restaurant concrete floor. The cool colours and textile made for a perfect backdrop.

Cucina 105Cucina 105-7Cucina 105-2Cucina 105-3Cucina 105-4Cucina 105-5Cucina 105-6

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Jaz and Ingrid’s Beach Matrimony

Big shout out to Ingrid and Jaz – congratulations on your wedding. The couple planned an outdoor summer wedding at Balmoral Beach in Sydney, where they walked down the aisle together with their puppy and exchanged vows under the pagoda.

Ingrid & Jaz -115Ingrid & Jaz -153

Tears and laughter of joy amongst close friends and family member there to witness the event sets the tone for this special day.  It has been a long time coming that LGBTQI couples across Australia finally have the legal right to celebrate their unions.

Ingrid & Jaz -193Ingrid & Jaz -109Ingrid & Jaz -311

We led the couple to nearby spots around Balmoral for photos and took advantage of the  sunny day and blue skies.

Ingrid & Jaz -533Ingrid & Jaz -548Ingrid & Jaz -636



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6 Years On… Australia Says Yes

Sian Luci-1.jpg

On this month, 6 years ago, I shot the wedding of Sian McGreal from the Royal Australian Navy and Luci Ellis, Assistant Governor at The Reserve Bank at Sydney’s HMAS Penguin Navy base. Despite the legal aspect of their vows not being binding, they chose to declare their love for each other in the witness of their Reverend, friends and family members. Happy 6th year anniversary ❤ #lovewins #marriageequality #samesexwedding #australiasaidyes #loveislove #gayweddingphotographer #samesexweddingphotographer #tbt

Photography by Josephine Ki

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Masked Explorers of Hong Kong

Revisiting some portrait shots I took for the team at Hong Kong Urbex , a group of urban explorers and storytellers based in Hong Kong with a passion to traverse abandoned and neglected buildings in the fast paced and ever changing pulse of Asia. In doing so, they uncover an interesting slice of history that shapes this modern day city. Group members have varying background in journalism, media and production.

Their adventures have sparked interests from the likes of New York Times , CNN , and BBC Travel.

20160720 HK Urbex-51

Here, Ghost explores what remains of a kitchen in a building that is up for redevelopment in one of the city’s lowest social economic neighbourhoods Sham Shui Po where; just a few floors below, a double murder had taken place some months prior.

20160720 HK Urbex-4620160720 HK Urbex-3420160720 HK Urbex-5020160720 HK Urbex-5420160720 HK Urbex-2720160720 HK Urbex-55

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Capturing Wisdom | Lifestyle Photography Sessions for the Australian Nursing Home Foundation

They are certainly not my usual type of models but it has been a heartwarming journey photographing the staff and residents at the various nursing homes and senior wellness centres for my client Australian Nursing Home Foundation Ltd (ANHF) to use as promotional material.

We travelled to 6 aged care facilities throughout metropolitan and suburban Sydney and bonded with the elderly first generation Chinese Australians through conversations and games in my mother tongue whilst shooting the campaign. It’s been an absolute pleasure and without a doubt a memorable week.

Australian Nursing Home Foundation-2Australian Nursing Home Foundation-4Australian Nursing Home Foundation-9Australian Nursing Home Foundation-3Australian Nursing Home Foundation-7Australian Nursing Home Foundation-1Australian Nursing Home Foundation-8Australian Nursing Home Foundation-6Australian Nursing Home Foundation-10Australian Nursing Home Foundation-11Australian Nursing Home Foundation-5

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Lick Your Screen | Food Photography

I am a professional commercial and editorial food product photographer with close to a decade of experience. I employ my studio lighting, composition and retouching expertise to create compelling food and beverage images for web and print.

I create mouth-watering photographs of food and beverages on location throughout Australia at my client’s venues as well as in my studio in Sydney. If you are a caterer, restaurant, small business, food manufacturer or food and beverage brand seeking stunning quality imagery, get in touch with me for a quote.

Client: Hello Thai Fine Dining, Chatswood Sydney


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In With The New Fundraiser for Stay

In With The New  19.8.2016 – a fundraiser hosted by Sydney DJ and music producer Jimmy New. Held at Valve Bar, Underground Hotel, the night featured live performances by established and rising lineup of hip hop, RnB rappers Mz Sammy G, Savillian, Xamaria, Ashy GeeSaif, and Mr Nat. 50% of the proceeds from the event were donated to Western Sydney youth service ‘STAY‘, a community group targeting youth suicide prevention helping raise much needed funds and resources to offer support for the next generation.


20160819 In With The New Fundraiser for Stay Youth-120160819 In With The New Fundraiser for Stay Youth-1020160819 In With The New Fundraiser for Stay Youth-220160819 In With The New Fundraiser for Stay Youth-420160819 In With The New Fundraiser for Stay Youth-2020160819 In With The New Fundraiser for Stay Youth-2720160819 In With The New Fundraiser for Stay Youth-28

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