Eat, Sleep, Paddle | Australian Dragon Boat Championships 2018

The Australian Dragon Boat Championships is Australia’s premier Dragon Boating event in which clubs from all states compete against one another for the title of National Champion over 5 consecutive days. AusChamps 2018 was held at Lake Kawana, Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

After competing in Day 2 and 3 in the all ages categories with my dragon boat club, I stuck around to photograph Day 4 and 5 of the competition where Club senior crew categories (age 40 and above) and some of the country’s most experienced paddlers battle alongside each other.

For a full gallery of images, drop by my FB Page.

AusChamps 2018-9AusChamps 2018-41AusChamps 2018-42AusChamps 2018-39AusChamps 2018-40AusChamps 2018-45AusChamps 2018-54AusChamps 2018-59AusChamps 2018-61AusChamps 2018-62AusChamps 2018-63AusChamps 2018-73AusChamps 2018-75AusChamps 2018-77AusChamps 2018-78AusChamps 2018-88AusChamps 2018-89AusChamps 2018-90AusChamps 2018-99AusChamps 2018-110AusChamps 2018-111AusChamps 2018-119

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