Masked Explorers of Hong Kong

Revisiting some portrait shots I took for the team at Hong Kong Urbex , a group of urban explorers and storytellers based in Hong Kong with a passion to traverse abandoned and neglected buildings in the fast paced and ever changing pulse of Asia. In doing so, they uncover an interesting slice of history that shapes this modern day city. Group members have varying background in journalism, media and production.

Their adventures have sparked interests from the likes of New York Times , CNN , and BBC Travel.

20160720 HK Urbex-51

Here, Ghost explores what remains of a kitchen in a building that is up for redevelopment in one of the city’s lowest social economic neighbourhoods Sham Shui Po where; just a few floors below, a double murder had taken place some months prior.

20160720 HK Urbex-4620160720 HK Urbex-3420160720 HK Urbex-5020160720 HK Urbex-5420160720 HK Urbex-2720160720 HK Urbex-55

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