Baby Kaius: Canon 5DMkIII ISO 6400 Field Test

Earlier this week, I finally bit the bullet and upgraded to a Canon 5DMkIII body. I’ve had my 5DMkII for just over 3 years now and although there is nothing wrong with it, I can tell that the shutter counts are getting close to the 150 000 mark limit. The fact of the matter is, I need a Plan B.

I’ve heard a lot of sound and fury over Canon’s new superbaby the 5DMkIII which has only hit the shelves a little over a month ago. With quicker continuous shooting (6 fps!), 61-point AF (vs 9-point), smart object tracking at Al-servo setting. SD card slot as well as Compact Flash, expanded ISO range (50 – 102400), and improved battery life amongst others it seems to suit my shooting needs. Last night I attended a family wedding reception dinner as a guest at Parramatta Phoenix Chinese Restaurant and tested out my new beast as ISO 6400 on my cousin’s cute as a button 21 month old baby boy Kaius:

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