Tilted Vision: Sammy G’s Showcase and Music Video Launch

I’ve been considering purchasing a tilt-shift lens and wanted to test one out before making the final decision. Renting seems like the most sensible option so last Friday I picked up the Canon 24mm TS-E F3.5L from The Front with the purpose of using it for some of the bridal party shots at my sister’s wedding on the Sunday.

The tilt-shift is usually used for architecture type photography to prevent distortion but can also be used to focus on one spot in the image whilst blurring out the rest to achieve a dreamy distorted miniature effect. This speciality lens takes a little bit of behind the camera work to fiddle with to get right. Together with fully manual focusing and a slower aperture, the best results would be in a well-litted situation with the objects stationary.

A night club situation would not have been a clear choice to test out the tilt-shift but I figured I’d bring it along with me to Sammy G’s Showcase and launch of her music video “Do You Like It” anyway and was stoked with the results:

Tilt shift lenses are among the most interesting camera optics I’ve ever used and I certainly aim to invest in one in the near future. For a full gallery of the night’s images, check out my Facebook page.

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