Sharon & Jason’s Engagement Session

The laughter and warmth radiating from couples in love is simply infectious. When that couple is one’s sister and future brother-in-law, the engagement session shoot becomes all the more special.

To be honest, I’d been more than a little nervous in the lead up to shooting my sister’s e-session. Do I really want to witness my elder sister making out in front of me? How do I direct whilst simultaneously trying to keep a straight face? In the end though, my professionalism won out and naturally switched to wedding photographer mode the second I picked up the camera…

To say that we had fun would be an understatement. We spent almost an hour around Carriageworks, ducking in and out along the back streets of Redfern before heading to Glebe for a stroll, a coffee and of course, more photos:

Thanks for the coffee and laughs guys. Looking forward to the big day and welcoming Jason into the family. For a full gallery of captures from the engagement session. check out my Facebook Page and be sure to click ‘like’ if you dig my images. x

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1 Response to Sharon & Jason’s Engagement Session

  1. Jim says:

    Beautiful pics!

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