TriVita Conference: Americans giving us the B B Bounce

The North American based health and nutrition company TriVita wishes to bring “wealth and wellness” to Australia. Their message was carried out via 2 day conferences in the country’s key capitals and I was hired via Event Photos to capture the Sydney part of their trip.

“We would like to invite prospective distributors of our star product Nopalea to one of  our presentations in one of these cities to hear about a fabulous business opportunity. The presentations are free with no obligations to get involved and we will even give attendees $60 worth of company products.”

The thing that strikes me about visiting Americans and I’m probably stereotyping – is their apparent enthusiasm for our country. Almost every speaker began their presentation with “We lurvvvve Australia!!!” and carried this cheerful deposition with them throughout the night. Then again, perhaps it had something to do with the health products (some with vitamin B-12 being an active ingredient) they were promoting which were touted to increase concentration, improve energy levels and promote greater wellbeing amongst others. For more images captured over the 2 nights, check out my gallery on Facebook.

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