Water for Elephants Movie Premiere

Some weeks are just busier than others. This week, besides RAFW I squeezed in a last minute photoshoot with DJ NatNoiz , scheduled a gay wedding with Victor and Chris on Saturday, got a call about a corporate event at Olympic Park this Sunday (sorry mum, happy Mother’s Day – let’s celebrate next week?) and sprinted from the catwalk to the red carpet to cover the Water for Elephants movie premiere.

Apparently Reese Whitherspoon is in town for a movie I’d heard nothing about and a string of local ‘celebs’ have been invited to join her and Robert Patterson for the premiere at the State Theatre.

The assignment was for Famous magazine and the brief was easy enough. All I needed were photographs of Reese and Robert with screaming fans and the prerequisite shots of the Famous mag logo somewhere.

They need them asap so shoot, leave, and send it is. Easiest 10 minutes of work and 60 minutes of waiting around all week. I even managed to avoid getting elbowed or hit* in the media pit amongst this mob:

Good gig all around!

*to those who haven’t met me, I stand around 5ft 2 and weights about 50kg so getting moshed in the pit is pretty much part of the job and rarely on purpose – photographers overall are a well mannered bunch.

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