Ginger & Smart SS 11/12 Collection Show: Backstage & Runway

Last night, fashionistas and siblings Alexandra and Genevieve Smart – the dynamic duo behind Australian luxury fashion label Ginger & Smart put on a magnificent show unveiling their latest Spring Summer 11|12 Collection entitled ANON to the public just a few days before the official Rosemount Australia Fashion Week 2011 events.
Ginger & Smart SS 11/12 Collection Show: Backstage & Runway
Photographing the show and backstage for me personally was kind of a big deal. In doing so, I ticked a big fat box on my career bucket list. Yes I’m aware that its a cliche but I’ve wanted to photograph a fashion parade and document the going ons behind the scenes for more years than I have been photographing digital. Now all I need is to shoot stills on a travel / food television documentary program and then to shoot a war and that’s the rest of the list covered.
But back to the night. The runway was set offsite at the Otto Ristorante at Woolloomooloo Finger Wharf. A gorgeous space if not very well lit for photographing. Backstage was buzzing with activity when I arrived – 15 or so minutes before the show was scheduled to begin:
But with 10 girls getting ready, the likelihood of a late start was inevitable which was fine for me and I’m guessing most of the photographers backstage – more time to shoot? Wouldn’t say no to that!
At around 7pm, all guests were seated and the parade officially began and or the next 10 minutes, style, beauty and bold lashings of colours ablazed the stage.
Sihouettes combine the classic Ginger & Smart signature masculine and feminine elements with a new emphasis on the juxtaposition of a sharp collar and floating lengths. Prints give a nod to an emerging digital landscape, while colours materialise in dynamic visual marriages of high tech tones achored by deeplu emotive shades of rust with hot pink, acid yellow with navy and fleeting shades of grey.
Check out my article in Mecho and more images from the night are on my Facebook page – feel free to browse through and don’t hesitate to ‘like’ my page if you like any of the images in the gallery.

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