On Set With David LaChapelle: Nokia N8 Smartphone Launch

Internationally renowned fashion and celebrity photographer David LaChapelle was invited to conduct his first ever public shoot on the Nokia N8 smartphone. Members of the public were selected from the crowd to be photographed by LaChapelle in the ImagiN8 Studio at Sydney’s Overseas Passenger Terminal.

I’ve always been a big fan of his work so I was most excited to be sent on this assignment to photograph the event. LaChapelle is famed for his extravagant, unforgettable portraits of Eminem, David Beckham, Uma Thurman, Mohamed Ali, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Leonardo diCaprio, Kurt Cobain and Keith Richards, to name a few.

Inspired by the Nokia N8, the ImagiN8 Studio is a dramatic, grand, purpose-built set designed by LaChapelle. Its shell features open doors, windows and peepholes that reveal quintessential Australian backdrops. Inside the set is an explosion of colour, a tapestry of fantastical creatures, birds and flowers painted by masterful airbrush artist Erni Vales. All these elements coalesce to form the setting for the portraits.


Speaking about his involvement in the Nokia N8 shoot in Australia LaChapelle said, “Everyone has a cell phone these days and it’s cool that the Nokia N8 has a great lens and the clarity of the pictures are excellent.”

Extravagant set designs is a signature of LaChapelle portraitures and this one does not disappoint. A diverse group of people turned up on the day.

Can’t wait to see how his images turn out!

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