Met up with Alex on Tuesday night at his apartment to discuss the set up of a shoot at his photo exhibition soon to open in May. The exhibition will be held at Cafe Lounge in Darlinghurst, one of those hole-in-wall cafes that Sydney desperately need more of.

His entire series were photographs of the staff members from The Lounge and the shoots were all held on location there so it makes sense to have the exhibition at the same space.

My role on the night would be to photograph the punters – mostly industry people, by invite – outside the cafe where we will set up a lounge sofa outside a gorgeous looking and very minimalist hairdresser. There is some existing harsh fluorescent lighting so we’ll need to set up some studio lighting and should the weather turn sour, all plans will go out the window… no Plan B – ouch.

Have previously assisted Alex on a location shoot. This guy is passionate about photography and his house indeed resembles some kind of chaotic storeroom at the back of a camera store. Lightboxes, tripods, cables, C stands amongst others lay on one side of the room in some kind of organised mess. A dining table completely covered with rolled up and flat lying prints, reference books, magazines, and folders of tearsheets. Rolls of 35mm film stacked on the kitchen counter whilst 3… possibly 4 Macs sits scattered around the apartment.

Its always fun hanging with Alex – his enthusiasm for photography theory and practice rubs off and I enjoy learning new things about origin of the word photography along with lighting and 35mm old school Pentax cameras that night.

Indeed, I used the idea of ‘drawing with light’ to form the theme of how I edited the night’s photos.

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