Preloved Lens for Sale $550 AUD

Tamron Lens-4, originally uploaded by captured by jOsephine Ki.

Only 6 months new well cared for. Purchased at Georges in the city for $799 (AUD) ! Selling as had upgraded to the Canon F2.8L 24-70mm lens thereafter and well… enough said!

Lens mainly used to shoot concerts and events – brilliant in low light condition with objects singing / dancing / or intoxicated and swaying.

There IS a small scratch (on the outside casing nowhere near the lens) but does not affect the quality of the images at all. For more images, check out here.

Feel free to email me if you want to check out the awesomeness of the Tamron in all its glory!

About Josephine Ki Photography

Same Sex Wedding | Events | Portraiture Photographer
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2 Responses to Preloved Lens for Sale $550 AUD

  1. TauFan! says:

    i wanna know, compare tamron with canon lens itself, is it hava a big different??
    coz i’m not sure with another lens except canon :P..

    • hi Taufan – thanks for the comment. Well it depends on which Canon Lens i replaced the Tamron with a Canon Pro L-series lens (f2.8L 24-70mm) and there is certainly a difference (for starters the Canon is 4 times more expensive!!). If you want to learn a bit more about lenses, I suggest you check out DP Lens review or similar sites ;’)

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